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** Provide free cutlery sets.

** Pictures shown are for illustration purpose only

  • * Rice / Noodles
    • 冬炎炒饭 Tom Yum Fried Rice
    • 泰式黄梨炒饭 Thai Style Pineapple Rice
    • 蛋丝炒米粉 Fried Bee Hoon w/ Shredded EggNew
    * Chicken/Fish
    • 班兰鸡 Pandan ChickenChef's Choice
    • 参巴娘惹鸡 Sambal Nonya ChickenNew
    • 甜辣鱼扒 Fish Fillet w/ Sweet & Spicy Sauce
    • 罗勒叶炸鱼 Fried Fish w/ Basil Leaves
    * Pork
    * Vegetable
    * Finger Food
    • 酥炸苏东圈 Deep Fried Calamari
    • 泰式鱼饼 Thai Fish Cake
    • 手工乌打 Handmade Otah

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* Please call us: 6755 7993 for any special / additional request.

* ALL Orders are subject to Availability of slots, to avoid any disappointment, please place your order in advance.

* Add on dish from $2.16 w/GST per pax (exclude seafood & meat items)

* SURCHARGE FOR NO LIFT / PATHWAY ACCESSIBLE **$32.40 – $108.00 w/GST is applicable.

* Buffet transportation fee of $54.00 w/GST. Waive off for ordering $800.00 (FOOD ONLY) and above before GST. *** Not applicable during Chinese New Year period.

* Mini Buffet and Bento transportation fee of $32.40 w/GST (For all districts). *** Not applicable during Chinese New Year period.

* Delivery To All Districts. Except “Chalets”, Hotels and Sentosa Area.

* Town Area & Jurong Island Additional Surcharge of $21.60 w/GST for orders throughout all days. (Mon-Sun & Public Holidays)

* Additional Surcharge of $10.80 w/GST for Delivery To Chalets, SAFRA, Any National Parks, Recreational Club, Sport Centre, Complex, Changi Airport, Shopping Mall & Commercial / Industrial Building.

* Actual delivery time will vary from 30 minutes before or after the stipulated delivery time due to unforeseen weather and traffic conditions.